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A cooperative deck-building game, with an individual version, in which we will have to get cards from the plant kingdom and the animal kingdom to form different ecosystems and restore the wild nature before it is too late. 

We start by placing four decks of animal cards, four decks of plant cards and five decks with different elements; air, soil, sun, water and time, in the middle of the playing space.
On the side we will place a deck of catastrophy cards, seven cards representing different biomas and seven penalty tiles.

In the beginning each player receives one card of each element and two catastrophy cards.
All players shuffle their cards and place four of them in front them. Depending on what combination of cards a player has in front of her/him, the player will get element cards, plant cards, animal cards or win a bioma tile. If the player isn't able to take any card he/she will get a catastrophe card. The player ends the turn by placing four new cards in front of him/her.
If a player places three catastrophe cards on the table or three cards from the same element, a penalty tile is placed. 

Some cards will allow you to do other actions such as, shuffle the plant or animal cards, give a card to another player or discard it or get one more card from your deck.

You win all together if you manage to place all the seven bioma tiles. 

You lose the game if you place seven penalty tiles.

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A cooperative game in which we will have to rewild the world. We are currently developing this game and plan to launch it on Kickstarter.