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Product Information

We Can Play eco.jpg

FSC certificate
and 100%
climate neutral

We Can Play renovable.jpg

Manufactured with  100% renewable  energies 

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Produced in Germany with high quality materials.

We produce the game with Ludo Fact, a manufacturer in Germany with a social and environmental commitment. Their factories are powered by renewable energy and they use recycled materials and high quality materials from responsibly managed forests. 

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  • The size of the box is 135 x 105 x 25mm. It's a rigid cardboard box with two bodies (lid and box) and lined with printed paper with linen finish.

  • The cards' size are 63.50 x 88.90 mm, 300 g with linen finish.

  • The game is produced in five languages: English, Spanish, Catalan, German and Swedish.

Banderetes We Can Play copia.jpg
Cartes We Can Play
  • We Can Play contains 101 cards, 96 historical events and 5 anonymous cards. The historical event is presented on both sides of the card but the year it occurred is only on one side.

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