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Who are we?

Who are we?

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Hello! We are Julia Johansson and Albert Pinilla from Julibert Games!​

A board game publisher based in Vaasa, Finland.

We create smart, fun, inclusive, beautiful, and eco-friendly games to share with family and friends.

Have fun, learn more and get inspired with Julibert Games!


In April 2021 we launched our first Kickstarter for the game We Can Play. The campaign ended successfully so we produced and shipped the games. We registered the brand Julibert and a year later we were able to produce the second edition of We Can Play, a total of 7.000 copies and translated into 5 languages!


This experience has taught us many things and has encouraged us to embark on a new adventure, Ecosfera, Rewilding the World!


We are both passionate about board games and making our own games was an idea we had fantasized about for a long time. 


One of the games we still can't get enough of playing today is Dominion so we started exploring different deck building mechanics and finally came up with Ecosfera, a game that combines this mechanic in a cooperative way and that represents a good metaphor for the current times.

Right now we are preparing the pre-campaign to launch Ecosfera on Kickstarter. If you are interested you can register here, Kickstarter will notify you on launch day and you will help us make Ecosfera a reality!


To make our games possible, we have been fortunate to collaborate with:

  • Paul Wilkinson - English proof-reader

  • María Alonso Gomez - Spanish proof-reader

  • Consorci per a la normalització Lingüística - Catalan proof-reader

  • Pär Jonasson - Swedish proof-reader

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