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Who are we?

Hello! We are Julia Johansson and Albert Pinilla (The Juliberts)!


  • Julia is from Vaasa (Finland) and she is an actor. She has worked for

theatres and independent companies and alongside her acting work she

gives theatre and movement classes.

  • Albert is from Barcelona and he work as an illustrator. He has illustrated

board games for companies such as Jumbo Disset, Goula, Nathan and

Headu. You can see his work at www.albertpinilla.com .

And together we live between Vasa (Finland) and Barcelona with our 9 and

6 year old daughters.



To make We Can Play possible, we have been fortunate to have the collaboration of:

  • Paul Wilkinson - English proof-reader

  • María Alonso Gomez - Spanish proof-reader

  • Consorci per a la normalització Lingüística - Catalan proof-reader

  • Pär Jonasson - Swedish proof-reader

We can play would not have been possible without the great collaboration of:

Jakob Johansson, Ramón París, Tere Castillo, Abel Flores, Alba Marina Rivera, Victor Ler Almendros, Laia Artero Orts, Àlex Rademakers, Ivan Edwards, Jan Lindholm, Ainhoa Blanco Mostazo, Miguel Saldivia and to the 344 Kickstarter backers. Thank you so much!



Our goal

We want to continue creating inclusive and entertaining games with a social perspective, to have fun, learn more and be inspired.


Throughout history, great women have fought for our rights and defied the norms. Women showing us a path to follow.

Our hopes are that We Can Play will contribute to keep their examples alive in a fun way and encourage the new generations to dream big. 


How dit it start?


Being confined at home because of the coronavirus we had the initial idea of We Can Play and we started working on it!


  • Julia started working on the content and Albert on the illustrations.

  • We tried out the game with friends using very simple prototypes and redefined the rules several times.

  • We contacted Ludo Fact, a German board game manufacturer that uses renewable energy and best quality materials from responsibly managed forests.

  • And with a group of friends we created the promotional video,with the intention of launching a crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter.

We launched We Can Play on kickstarter in April 2021 and achieved our goal by selling almost 600 games in 30 days. 

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Thanks to all the backers!